50 feet crab! Crabzilla

50 feet crab! Crabzilla

If sea monsters do exists, the photo of a crustacean below will definitely be a terrifying proof.

A photo of an alleged giant crab lurking just below a harbor has been making netizens troop to a website to confirm whether it is a real sea monster or a hoax.

The picture was first published buy Quinton Winter on his website Weird Whitstable, a collection of strange things and occurrences arounfd the world. The giant sea creatures is said to be found near Kent harbor in Britain.

The aerial image of the giant crab dwarfed the boats docked on the harbor and is estimated to be at least 50 feet long.

Speaking to the Daily express, Winter said he believes he saw the monster himself when he took his son crabbing last summer on the same harbor.

“At first all i could see was some faint movement, then as it rose from the water i thought, that’s funny looking bit of driftwood,” he said. “It had glazed blank eyes on stalks, swivelling wildly and it clearly was a massive crab with crushing claws.

However, Winter only confirmed his suspicion after an anonymous netizen sent him the photo with the image of the giant crab, nowe called “Crabzilla”.

At first, he thought the photo only showed an unusual sand formation, but now he believed it was indeed “Crabzilla”.

As expected, doubters said the photo could be an elaborate hoax using a Photoshop, but Winter was firm in his beief it is real.

The only known species of the biggest crab that existed is the Japanesw spider crab whose legs could grow to as longas 12 feet (3.8m) and weigh up to 42 lb (19kg).

“Crabzilla” in the photo below, however, looks like a common species of an edible crab known as cancer pagurus.





source : http://m.kickerdaily.com/at-50-feet-is-this-the-biggest-crab-in-the-world/

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