Mayan Prophecies – 4

Mayan Prophecies – 4

Prophecy 5 – The Seven Mayan Prophecies

The fifth Mayan prophecy says that all the systems based on the fear on which this based our civilization the planet and the man became simultaneously with to take step to a new reality of harmony, the man this convinced that the universe exists single for him, who the humanity is the only expression of intelligent life, and for that reason acts like a predator of everything what exists.

The systems failed to face the man same himself, to make see it the necessity to reorganize the society and to continue in the way of the evolution, that will take to us to include/understand the creation.

At the moment practically all the economies of the world are in crisis, and trillones of dollars has untied to a speculative wave, in everywhere single a 1,5 day change of hand in international the financial markets, 15 % of fall in the markets make disappear a wealth equivalent to the annual production of all you make them of the U.S.A..

From 1995 the world-wide economy not this dominated by the interchange of automobiles, real steel, wheat and other goods and articles but by the currency interchange actions and bonds is to say of virtual wealth with which he is very easy specular, the syndrome of the credit card has become a badly common one, the man becomes indebted itself beyond of which he wins putting his personal economy in the loose cord and that is reflected in all the levels.

The speculation surroundings to the financial capital lead to an economic situation many more delicate than the one of 1,929 before the landslide of stock-market in 1.930.

Almost all the economies are in problems and the governmental life-guards, with money of banks that are on the brink of madness the bankruptcy, even make difficult more all this process.

Situations of high risk in the economic system and the handling of information exist and if to this we added the increase to him in the activity of the sun that can cause irreparable damages in the satellites, the complica situation.

With the blazes solar an unusual dose of rays is received violet extreme that expand to the Earth upper atmosphere diminishing the pressure that exists on the satellites that are to low height, this makes to go down his orbits much more to a fast one breaking away from temporary enemy with them, in the best one of the cases and disrupting all the communications of the planet, also it can happen that the 19,000 objects that are in it orbits of the Earth when receiving a high dose of electromagnetism of the sun, they see damaged his electronic components and they let work for always.

When being affected the ionosphere by the extraordinary solar emissions alterations in all the radio communicationses take place and television because it is in that layer of the atmosphere where trasmiten and the different frequencies are reflected.

We have then which the economies and the communications are very fragile and interconnected systems to all the others, the mains is specially sensible to the solar blazes as it happened during nine hours in all Québec, in 1.989.

The electricity system is the spine of our contemporary societies if they failed, would fail one after the other all other systems as cards of I dominate that they fall consecutively, is said that a system is equal from fort to weakest of its component or links, we imagine as our societies to all these simultaneous events would react, the food would begin to be scarce, the communications serian impossible, the traffic would drive crazy in all the cities, the economy would become paralyzed, most of people would lose the reason, it would begin you disorder civilians that by the amount of involved people would overflow all the expectations and controls of the governments, this situation of total uncontrol would modify for always all the systems of the society, the religious systems based on a God that also instills fear would enter crisis would arise a single common spiritual Way for all the humanity that finished with all the limits established in the different ways to see God, the new galactic day this announced by all the religions and cults like a time of peace and harmony for all the humanity.

It is clear then that everything what does not produce east result, must disappear or to become, the new time of light cannot have a humanity based on the military economy of impositions of truths by the force.


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